Bulkloading film with AP Bobinquick-135

So, I recently bought some bulkfilm, APX400, that I got a good deal of from my lab Team Framkallning. Since I never finish a roll before I want to develop it, I'm throwing away 30-50% of the rolls all the time which have been a bit disturbing, not to mention an economical suicide.

Ordered a filmloader from Photoimpex that I received today, so it was time to load the film into the filmloader before starting to load some canisters with film! Looking at the instruction its clear that a darkroom is preferred, which is nothing I have, I'm doing all my "dark-room-work" inside a darkroom bag, so I had to use that now as well.

Searching through youtube gave me some videos showing the outside of a darkroom bag while the guy loaded his filmloader. No description or commentary at all. That wasn't really helpful so here is some tips to get this done!

1. Get used to the bulkloader outside the bag, try the buttons, wheels, open the lid, memorize how it looks, learn it!

2. Put the loader in the bag, as well as the box containing the film. Also put a small scissor in the bag. Make sure that you remove any tape or similar holding the box with the film together, since this will be more cumbersome to manage inside the bag.

 Cut any tape or thingy keeping the box closed. Don't open it yet though! :)

Cut any tape or thingy keeping the box closed. Don't open it yet though! :)

3. Place your hands inside the bag, open the film loader but don't try to place the spool with film into the loader just yet, it will be pretty impossible to get the end of the film into the feed-hole. (I tried this for at least 15 min before I gave up)

4. Start with cutting both corners on the end of the film, this will make it much easier to get the film where you want it to go.

5. Unwind roughly 30-40 cm of film from the spool and place it beside the film loader, now take the end of the film and try to put it into the feed-hole (not sure what to call it but the hole where the film exits the dark chamber entering the chamber where your canister will be)

6. When you think you've got it aligned and ready, turn the small knob clockwise to start pulling the film into the canister-chamber. You feel when the film is pulled correctly.

Pull out 10 cm or similar, so it doesn't escape back when you try to put the spool of film onto the axle.

7. Hold the spool in your hand and put some pressure on the film, while you rewind back all the excess film onto the spool again, when you think you've got it all rewinded onto the spool, slide it onto the axle. Pull the film to make sure everything is tight and snug, and that the spool moves like it should. 

8. Place the lid back and close it!

Now you're good to go! I'll probably post another post regarding loading your canister with film later! If you have any questions feel free to comment!