Bye bye Summilux, hello Summarit, G.A.S?

Yes, of course, and I'm proud of it!

Minilux SOLD, M2 SOLD, 35Lux FLE SOLD, selling my M6 now as well, why this crazy gear sell out? Well since I switched to film from my digital M-P I've been drawn towards an MP. Last gear-change I got a Summilux 35 Asph FLE and my current M6, but I still didn't manage to get the MP out of my head. For some its the holy grail when it comes to 35mm film cameras, and apparently for me as well. Although I honestly think (even with my G.A.S awareness) that I will live with the MP for a long time, there's nothing else to get, as long as I don't want to quit shooting 35mm film.  I'm searching for a black paint one, in good mechanical shape, hopefully I will find one soon! 

So, why an MP? Well I can't really justify it myself, but I can't stop dreaming/thinking about one either. I can't really say that the M6 viewfinder flares a lot, the shutter is too loud or that it has a bad light meter. We'll see when I have one in my hand, I'll do a full review of it then since I think a lot of Leica Film photographers out there has been thinking about this upgrade. In some way its a religious step.

The first step in acquiring  the MP is to get rid of the 35 Summilux Asph FLE (awsome lens really!), and I did today. Traded it against a Summarit 35/2.5 + money, from a super nice and very skilled Swedish photographer, Rickard Eriksson. I hope we'll stay in contact and do some shooting in the future!

Other news is that I'm booked for two weddings in the upcoming summer! Excited and a bit nervous since I will shoot 100% film. But I'm pretty confident that it will turn out great!

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