My journey into photography started around 1998 when I purchased a Hasselblad 500C.
I shot a lot of nature photography and really enjoyed it, even did some exhibitions back then. When I started to work with 3D-vizualisation and photography in the architecture business, I switched to digital systems, and I’ve went through Canon 10D, 5D etc. When I quit that job I finally stepped into the world of Leica’s with a Leica M8, and short after that an Leica M-P was welcomed.

I really enjoy that camera and the way it makes me shoot, but a few months ago, after purchasing a Leica M2 I made the decision to ditch digital!
My M-P was switched out for an M6 + 35mm/1.4 Summilux Asph FLE and I’ve been shooting and developing my own film since then, totally in love!
I’m also about to purchase a FujiFilm G617, to start doing some panoramic landscape/nature photography!

Patrik RosénComment