Bigger = Better?

A lot of things have happened lately, vacation is over, work is starting and some old equipment has traded places with some new! There will follow in depth reviews of those things when I find time but in short, I’ve sold my Canon 50/0.95, and bought a FujiFilm G617 instead, 6x17mm negatives, pretty amazing camera…Its a rocket launcher! Selling the 50/0.95 was a difficult decision, its a unique lens, I will probably never afford buying it again, but I’ve came to a conclusion that I’m a “one-lens-guy”, and my Leica Summilux 35/1.4 ASPH FLE works so good together with my M6, its the gear I need at the moment.

I’ve also got myself an Epson Perfection Photo V600, since I need to start scanning 120-film now. I think that I will scan my small format film in the Epson as well, but probably use the Plustek before printing. And talking about pritning, a Canon Pixma PRO-1 has landed in my home! Together with some Luster paper from Canon. I’m really impressed so far, I’ve been printing both color and B/W shots, and the results are simply amazing! Lab quality without a doubt. And the printer is quiet, quick and sexy! All you need! Almost forgot… its huge as well!

So at the moment, my head is full ideas about how to create a good working process to get the prints into frames with mattes and so on. I don’t want to print piles of photos, I want them on my wall, and others walls. I can probably find good frames in two sizes, one for A3+ prints, and one for A4 prints, and maybe even pre-cut mattes for that, although, for my 6×17 I will have to cut my mattes myself, so I might even just cut all the mattes myself. I need a matte cutter..I’ve also watched this video over and over again, it’s a work of art indeed!

Tomorrow I’m going to attend the Stockholm Photomarathon 2015! I’ve loaded my M6 with a roll of Tri-X 400, I’ll use my 35lux and a variable ND filter to be able to be a bit more flexible when it comes to exposure.

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