3D Printing

Apart from Photography I love to design and 3D print items! I've been working with 3D Modeling / Visualisation for many years, and because of this I've built a pretty extensive knowledge in 3D Modeling. This gives me a very powerful tool when it comes to realizing my ideas (and maybe yours?) I still do this as a hobby, but it's a hobby that's started to grow more and more. I'm very interested in the 3D printing industry in general, and I'm very excited to see how it will evolve in the future. 

Below you can watch the livestreams of my 3D Printers, and below that I've wrote down a step by step guide about how you can order 3D prints from me! Enjoy!

Order a 3D Print from me!

Camera 2 (Formlabs Form 2)

Camera 1 (gCreate gMax, Prusa i3 MK2 or Cetus)

Camera 3 (Cetus Extended 1 + 2)

Camera 4 (gCreate gMax 1.5XT+)

If you have an idea that you want to have designed and printed, or if you have 3D files already that needs to be printed don't hesitate to contact me for help! I'm printing a lot of...useless stuff at the moment, so why not help you instead? 

The road to having a finished print in your hand can seem a bit cumbersome, so I've tried to explain it below!

Order a 3D Print from me!

1. Find or have the 3D Printable files created.

For me to start the print I need a digital 3D file to send to the printer. If you want to design it yourself, you can do that, or I can help you design your idea. If you just want to find a design already made, there are tons of sites out there where designers upload their designs for you to download for free or for a small cost. Here is some examples:


If you want to take a look at my designs, here is the link to that page: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/brainglow

When you've find a design you like, you can download it as an STL file (if the design contains more than one part, you'll probably get a zip file with all parts inside). 

Don't worry about if the model you've found is printable or not, if it most likely will fail because of a bad design I will contact you regarding this and discuss a solution!


2. Order a print!

Today, I'm testing different solutions for offering 3D printing as a service at a low level (still a hobby you know) and 3D hubs is the best option out there at the moment. 

To order a print simply visit https://www.3dhubs.com/service/brainglow and click 3D Print in the top right corner.
This will take you to the order page where the first step for you is to upload the 3D Files that you've just downloaded. You need to upload the STL files, so if you downloaded a ZIP file make sure to unzip that first.

When the files is uploaded you can choose which plastic you want to have your object printed in. 99% of you will choose General Purpose Plastics, which is the most common plastics to 3D print in. There are other types of industrial grade plastics available as well but that's another story.

Next step is the most important one, you need to choose which Hub to order your prints at, and of course you should print at my hub, so search for "Hägersten" and my hub (Oneaday's hub) will show up in the list (you might need to scroll down and search for it, but it should be on the first page). 
When you've found it, click "SELECT" on the right side, and this is when the fun starts! 

In this popup window you can verify that you've selected the correct hub and then its time to choose which material you want me to print your model in. There are books to read on this topic but to make it easy for you I'm printing with three different materials at the moment. 

PLA - Bio Degradable plastic made from lactic acid, which can be fermented from crops like corn.  Its the most common and cheapest plastic but it's downsides are low resistance to weather and UV (sunlight), so its not recommended for outdoor use. It's also debatable if it could be seen as 100% food safe. The corn is food from the beginning but the process of manufacturing and coloring the plastic makes the food safe "stamp" questionable imho. More to read here!

PETG - Also known as PET, is a very common plastic used in fabrics and food/water containers. Compared to PLA, it can be considered more food safe, it's more flexible than PLA and can be bent and twisted a lot more before it breaks.  More to read here! and Here!

FilaFlex - Flexible rubberlike material, suitable for things that you want to be able to squeeze together or things that needs to have a more grippy surface. Although its a pretty expensive plastic and its really a pain in the ass to print (will take many attempts) but if that's what you need I'll do my best. Watch this!

I have about 10 different types of plastics...so if you need something else then PETG, PLA or FilaFlex, just contact me.

Alright, so you've probably decided for PLA or PETG, and you can pick which color you want in the list (this is the colors I have now, if you need a specific color, just contact me, and I'll see if I can get hold of that)

When you click next, you can add a comment to the order if you want, please specify if you have any special wishes, like "I really want the finish to be as good as possible" if you for example want to have a Buddha printed... And "I really want this part to be as tough as possible" if you want to have coat-hooks for your hallway printed.

After that you can send the order request, I'll look at the files and hopefully start the print as soon as I'm by the printer! You'll get messages as soon as I've received the order, when I've started to print it and when its ready for pickup or when it's shipped. You can also look at your print or what I print right now here!

Order a 3D Print from me!