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Graphical Design, WEB & APP DESIGN

Brainglow has helped customers with graphical design since 2005. Magazine layout, posters, logotypes, patterns, illustrations 

Patrik has developed our new web sites and blogs for Sverredal & Langen AB. He has been very customer and solution orientated and he has managed to meet our high expectations. We can highly recommend Patrik to other future clients!
— Maria Langen
Patrik helped Qubik with our first homepage in 2009 when I first started the company. After 18 months we decided to remake the homepage from scratch and Patrik has good knowledge within Wordpress and how to get better hitrate on our SEO. Also he remade our profile program and I could rely 100% on Patrik’s skills within shapes and colour.

I recommend Patrik if you want a supplier who deliver on a personal and professional level!
— Mi Renyard


Patrik has been an architecture, nature, wedding and portrait photographer since 2000 when he got his first analog camera. Patrik prefer shooting with film, using a Hasselblad 202FA as well as a Leica MP depending on what kind of photography he's doing. 


Strategy / PLanning 3D Printing

Planning to buy a 3D printer to your office? Brainglow can help you evaluate different printer solutions and help you setup your 3D printing studio.


3D Visualization and illustrations

Brainglow has 15 years of experience with 3D visualization focused on Architecture and Product design. High experience in software like 3DS Max, Fusion 360, Maxwell Render, Corona Render, Keyshot and many more. Long experience when it comes to understanding the building process from visual concept to the finished building. 

3D printing & 3D Scanning

Brainglow has been involved in 3D printing since 2010 and has a deep knowledge in FDM, SLA and SLS printers as well as both pre-processing and post-processing. If you have an idea that you need help with Brainglow can also help you with design, 3D modeling and 3D scanning.

Order a 3D Print from me!
Hands down.. My best 3D printing experience! Had to print a 3D model of the most complex object in the known universe - the human brain. Partik is amazing! Very professional and reliable. He handled this hard job with lots of enthusiasm and creativity, offering and implementing the most cost/quality-efficient solution! If I need to print something important again - I’ll definitely contact the Brainglow’s Hub!
— Alexander
Nothing short of excellent, had some assistance with getting my print right as well, as this was my first design and the quality and speed of delivery were excellent! Extremely satisfied!
— Joao


Brainglow can help you to realise your idea and has experience with both product design and race car design.





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